Southern Firefly Candle Co.

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    As we began Southern Firefly Candle Company we set out to create a candle that would capture the elegant charm of the south. After working with various combinations we developed the product you see here today. Made with all natural soy wax, double cotton wicks, and no dyes or additives we have managed to make an eco-friendly candle with a strong scent and long burn time.

    We continued this concept by finding recyclable materials for our packaging, and selecting glass containers that can be repurposed as drinking glasses for your favorite drink. We also wanted this to be a business model we could be proud of as well as involving our two children. We love spending time in the kitchen where every candle is hand poured. Everyone participates in choosing the fragrances, measuring the quantities for optimal scent, and watching the thermometers for just the right time to pour. Our goal is for every home that burns a Southern Firefly Candle will be filled with warmth.