Orange Cat Candle Co.

    "Candles made better."

    Orange Cat Candle Co.
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    Smithfield, Rhode Island , United States
    I started making candles in my kitchen in 2015. As I improved my craft it became obvious that I needed a name for my company. Around that time I adopted a very handsome feral cat from the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. We decided to become partners; I’d make the candles and he’d sell them with that handsome face!
    Note From Candlefind:

    The dynamic duo for this indie soy candle company is Samantha Lebeau and her orange, adopted feral cat, Mr. Field. The options available include a 4 ounce jar candle with a 25 hour burn time, and a 16 ounce jar candle with a 100 hour burn time. They also offer their fragrances in a room spray. While 2 ounce wax melts are listed as being available in the product description fields, we have not seen them available for purchase within the dropdown selections. If interested in wax melts, you may want to contact the owner (or Mr. Field) to see if they are available upon request.

    Orange Cat Candle Co is a good place for quality, basic fragrances that you can enjoy on their own or mix and match with your own creative juices. For example, there is Clean Cotton, Caramel Popcorn, and our personal favorite, Meyer Lemon. The scent categories include baked goods, fruit, herbal, spring, summer, autumn, and holiday fragrances.

    The current large candle jars are amber, giving an instant sense of sophistication. They have 100% recycled labels and hemp (not cotton!) wicks. They, of course, feature a picture of Mr. Field on the front. With the lively, spirited owners and high quality products, it’s no wonder that Orange Cat Candle Co made our list for one of the best candle companies in Rhode Island!

    Orange Cat Candle Co.