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    Welcome to Oh Wow Candles, LLC! Where our environmentally-friendly candles are hand poured and made with 100% natural soy wax produced from American grown soybeans. Our soy waxes, combined with our phthalate-free high quality fragrance oils, create Oh Wow products that burn cleaner and as long as our competitors.
    ​Founded in 2020, Oh Wow Candles is based in Southwest Florida and is family owned and operated. The idea of creating unique candles with amazing fragrances started as a fun idea to supply Ken’s wife, Kim, with an endless amount of candles that would take the place of the over-priced, big-box retailer candles Kim was buying.
    With Ken’s state-of-the art recipe, Oh Wow Candles not only lit up a room, but had visitors walking in and stating, literally: OH WOW! Where did you get that candle?!
    ​With a variety of unique candle fragrances and simple jar selections, we have created a broad range of “Oh Wow” products that allow each and every one of our customers to find something they will personally enjoy.
    Whether you are stocking up on holiday aromas, or looking for a seasonal house warming fragrance, check us out! We hope you to earn your business and hear you say Oh Wow!

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