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    "Eco-Friendly. Sustainable."

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    129 Southside Drive , Charlotte, North Carolina 28217, United States
    We start with American grown natural soy beans for our wax which is vegan, eco-friendly, and sustainably produced. Use an organic cotton wick for a clean burning flame that produces a perfectly even-burning candle filling your room with a uniquely curated scent. Small Batch crafted in the USA free of paraffin, sulfates, phthalates, and color making this an incredible clean candle. And because we believe our customers deserve perfect products, we make these same candles without animal testing, paraffin or any other bad stuff.
    Note From Candlefind:

    The small batch soy candles from Mallory Candle Co. are high quality, slow burning candles with a variety of scent blends to please several nose palates. The minimalistic, clean profiles of the jars make them perfect for fitting into any home decor. Try scents such as Black Violet + Saffron or Coconut Bourbon for some unique options. They have a 100% Be Happy Guarantee that sets them apart from several other small candle companies. This should encourage you to be a little more adventuresome when trying out different scents.

    They have options for realtors, private labeling, and fundraisers, as well as availability of wholesale purchasing. You are able to have a candle party at your home or their studio, and you can purchase their very own DIY candle making kit. These are just a few of the reasons Mallory Candle Co. has made our list for one of the top candle companies in North Carolina!

    Mallory Candle Co
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