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    Candles have been an obsession of mine since I can remember. As a kid I loved power outages because my dad would always light a bunch of candles with my brothers and sisters camped out in the family room playing our favorite board games. I loved picking out fancy candles to put on top of birthday cakes. The times i spent crying over boys when I was 16, while I watched The Notebook with a cucumber and mint candle burning beside me (and my empty tub of ice cream). I remember burning candles in my first apartment and being so excited to make that space my own. Plus, candles seemed to make that dingy apartment a little more classier since I couldn’t afford nice furniture. Candles set the mood. They can calm you when you’re upset. Be used as a time of celebrate. To morn the dead. A Passageway for a prayer. Or you know, make the scene just a little more sexy.
    As I got older and became a mom the things I used around my family, and the impact I left on the world became more important to me. I found out the candles I have been using all my life actually contained harmful chemicals. And like a little spark I had an idea. I was going to make candles using more natural and safe ingredients and my sarcastic sense of humor. And so Little Lemon was founded. A little candle for all the moods life has to offer. The good, the bad, and all things sarcastic.

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