Lit Up Candle Co.

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    2267 Emerald Castle Dr , Decatur, Georgia 30035, United States

    Lit Up Candle Co. was founded by two beer lovers with a candle-making problem on a mission to promote sustainability.

    As a DIYer, Stacey began making candles in college. When PJ and Stacey started dating in 2014, PJ wanted to learn one of her hobbies and surprised her with a much better bottle cutter than what she’d been using. What started as our shared hobby quickly grew into something more.

    Unfortunately, about that same time is when the Atlanta area stopped recycling glass and started taking it to the landfill. Fortunately, two kindred entrepreneurial spirits decided to see if there was a market for high-quality soy candles made in upcycled bottles. It took us over a month to create 80 candles for our first event, a beer festival, where we were pleasantly surprised by the response.

    After a handful of events we decided to remove the original labels and brand our own candles in order to brew Lit Up Candle Co into the business we visualized it could become. We are now carried by over 200 trusted retailers domestically and internationally.


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