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    Candles to help restore you & the planet.

    Keap Candles
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    79 Hurley Ave, Ste 108 Kingston , Kingston, New York 12401, United States
    We started Keap to make better candles. Pouring them all at our Kingston, NY studio, see how we put the “better” into our candles on our journey to help restore you and the planet.
    Note From Candlefind:

    We have joyfully watched Keap Candle company grow throughout the years, with their ever-constant focus of eco-friendliness and self love. The company’s candles are dye-free and now made with a regenerative palm wax, both celebrating and respecting the beauty of nature.

    Shopping the fragrances on Keap is an amazing, fragrant journey, as the scent descriptions are incredibly detailed. They include the memories that inspired the creation of the complex scent, taking you on the creative journey with them. While each individual candle is on the higher side, there are savings built in when purchasing more than one at a time. If needing to sample these fragrances before diving all in, they do offer large tealight sized sample packs by collection, or you can choose to try all scents.

    We love the zero-waste philosophy of Keap Candles, with their plastic-free packaging and easily reusable candle jars. The wax is easily removed once the candle is gone, and the jars have a clean, no-fuss look, which makes them easily fit in to just about any decor style. It’s no wonder that these candles make the cut in our list of the best New York candle companies!

    Keap Candles
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