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    "An eco-luxe brand rooted in leisure minimalism."

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    782 Huntington Dr , Fishkill, New York 12524, United States

    When Hudson Candle founder Kristin D’Aliso was diagnosed with Lupus + Scleroderma 5 years ago, she found solace and ritual in lighting candles and taking long baths to help ease the pain on her most challenging days. This was the spark to create a line of candles inspiring hope and relief. As Kristin is more sensitive than others to scents, her fierce dedication to find the purest ingredients led her to hand pouring soy wax candles in her Fishkill, NY studio and creating proprietary essential oil blends that she now sources from France. A native New Yorker, she named her company out of local pride of where she was born, raised and where she now lives and raises her own family. Maker, Kristin – founder / healer / mother / explorer and most of all fighter and philosopher who instead of letting the sudden onset of an unpredictable condition stop her from moving forward, she created a remarkable product line as an act of resistance against it.

    The Hudson Candle line of products are each crafted with purpose and intent, be it to promote rest and regeneration with ‘Chill Mode’ and ‘Revered’

    Note From Candlefind:

    Hudson Candle has a select few set of scents, each with unique fragrance blends and encouraging a sense of calm. The single-wicked, coconut wax candles are dye-free and luxurious. They offer a slow burn and lasting scent throw without overwhelming your space or your senses. The brand now uses coconut wax for a slow, clean burn and minimal markings on the jar, making them an easy fit into just about anyone’s home.

    They also carry reed diffusers to compliment their candle fragrances, and a few, select home decor items. Once you’ve experienced this brand, you’ll understand why it easily made our list of one of the best candle companies in New York.

    Hudson Candle Company
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