Hawk + Hatchet


    My name is Brian. I live in southeast Wisconsin with my family and a close group of friends. I’ve always felt more at home around trees and rivers. Hawk and Hatchet was born out of a desire to bring something wild and uncharted into the responsible predictability of life. While acknowledging the value of seasons spent working a 9-5 and paying bills, I never want to neglect the innate need for working hard with my own hands, creating, and continuing to inspire the soul with beauty. I started with candles, because I’m a scent-guy. I have nostalgia in the strongest sense of the word. Scents can take me places and unlock ideas and memories. From the scent of a Christmas tree wet with snow, to fresh tilled dirt – it’s a memory of an adventure had or yet to come. Practicality is just as important to me as style.  Creating cold pressed soaps is truly a timeless craft that takes a special attention to detail that works a special side of my brain.  To say it’s like science or like cooking is sort of true, but what else can you create that you can wash with in the shower? Wanting functional and beautiful products in my own home led to the natural development of utilitarian-style charcuterie/cheese boards as well as beer flights, boasting in our state’s own many micro-brews. I hand select all of the Wisconsin hardwoods. As Hawk and Hatchet moves forward, we celebrate the artisan, skilled in a craft, and the adventurer, celebrating the wild and uncharted. Thank you for celebrating with us.