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    Welcome to H. Porter Candle Company. We are passionate about providing you with a clean burning candle made without preservatives or dyes. Instead, we make and pour all our candles by hand using 100% soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks and all-natural phthalate free scented oils. We hand pour each and every candle to ensure the best quality for our customers, friends and family.

    H. Porter Candle Company is owned and operated by two women in Southwest Missouri. Kendra founded the company out of her love of making candles for her own home. Her hobby then expanded to family, friends and boutique owners that she met all over the country touring with her country music band, Porter Union. Dawn joined when her daughter developed allergies and she was concerned about anything impacting her daughter’s air quality. After discovering that the leading candle companies use chemicals in their wax as stabilizers, Dawn searched for a safe alternative and was grateful to find Kendra’s candles. Dawn’s goal is to provide a natural option for mom’s concerned about indoor air quality. Together we strive to provide warmth and comfort to your home while being environmentally responsible and health conscience.

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