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    Fredericksburg, Texas , United States

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    Fredericksburg Farms: Our products are found in gift shops and specialty food stores all across Texas and surrounding states.

    We hope you enjoy our products. Join us in our adventure here at Fredericksburg Farms, as we envision the way life could be.

    From our family to yours,

    Steve and Randye McAnally

    Note From Candlefind:


    Interestingly enough, Fredericksburg Farms started out as a wholesale nursery, with a specialty in geraniums and poinsettias. From there, they expanded into a gourmet food line with their very own recipes, followed by a soy blend candle line, bath/body products, and more.

    Our primary interest, of course, is in their candle line. As of this writing, they offer 10 or 20 ounce canister style jar candles, each with single wicks. In addition to these candles, they have wax melts in traditional clamshell packaging. Many of the scents available have been carefully chosen to have some significance either to Fredericksburg or to the state of Texas. For example, they carry scents such as Flapping in the Texas Breeze, Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Floatin’ on the Brazos.

    In addition to the jar candles and wax melts, Fredericksburg Farms has hanging scented air fresheners (“freshies”) and room fragrance tins.

    Fredericksburg Farms
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