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    Dundee Candle Co.
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    5008 Underwood Ave , Omaha, Nebraska 68132, United States

    About Dundee Candle Co.

    Dundee Candle Co. We are excited to bring Dundee Candle Co. to the Dundee Memorial Park Historic District. Specializing in hand poured soy candles we offer 90+ scents to help you create your very own Aromatic Experience.

    Note From Candlefind:

    This soy candle company is located in the heart of the Dundee Memorial Park Historic district in Omaha, Nebraska. This is a family owned and run business that came alive in spite of the COVID pandemic.

    They provide the true experience of a candle bar, where you are able to select your own scents and vessel, then sit down to make your creation. They have over 90 scents to choose from, such as bergamot, agave, and lilac. They also have unique scents to choose from like bacon and hops! There are plenty of options for just about everyone! Once your candle is created, you will need to let it set for an hour and a half before being able to take it home. Luckily, Dundee Candle Company is surrounded by a number of quaint boutiques and delightful restaurants to fill your time. You’re also able to come back another day to pick up your candle if you don’t want to hang out.

    Aside from the candle bar, they also offer a service to scent up your wedding or group events. They also offer fundraising opportunities. If you are wanting to step up to the candle bar, remember that reservations are not required but they are recommended.

    Dundee Candle Company
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