Diddly Squat Farm

    Diddly Squat Farm
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    5-12 Chipping Norton Road , Oxfordshire OX7 3PE, United Kingdom

    About Diddly Squat Farm

    Diddly Squat Farm: Opened in 2020 by Jeremy Clarkson…a Cotswolds-based emporium of edible delights and potatoes.

    Note From Candlefind:

    Diddly Squat Farm came on our radar after we did our This Smells Like My Vagina candle review. This particular company has a not so tongue in cheek counterpart candle named This Smells Like My Bullocks. It is a uniquely scented candle with scents of leather and oakmoss. Very interesting, indeed!

    There is actually much more than candles found here. You will find homemade jam and chutney, oatmeal bar soaps, and honey made from their bees. We spy some homemade fudge in the shop, too, and can only imagine the deliciousness! They also have clothing, kitchen items, and gifts that you can purchase online.

    If living in the area, you can visit the farm to take in all the nature and shop in person. They do have some things for sell that you can only purchase on site, such as fresh cow milk. The owner, Jeremy Clarkson, seems to be a fun-loving fellow, and they do have an active, interesting Facebook presence.

    Luckily for us, they do ship internationally. We have an inkling to compare their candle with Heretic’s to see if the Diddly Squat Farms candle is up to snuff.

    Diddly Squat Farm
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