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    7980 Santa Monica Blvd , West Hollywood, California 90046, United States

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    Candle Delirium: The world’s largest store of luxury candles since 2003.

    …the largest candle store in the world, & the #1 destination for luxury scented candles. Whether you are a candle lover, candle freak or candle addict, Candle Delirium has everything you will ever need. Browse our huge online catalog of quality scented candles, scented jar candles and scented soy candles.

    Note From Candlefind:

    If you are shopping for luxury candles, this candle marketplace is the place to be. They carry a wide variety of luxurious candles in many shapes, styles, and forms. With brands such as Trapp, Heretic, Diptyque, and Jonathan Adler, there is something here for just about everyone. They also carry their own brand – Delirium. If you are unsure what to gift someone, they do offer an array of gift certificates. This way your gift recipient can shop for something they would specifically like.

    While in the luxury realm, there are several candles that are still quite affordable when shopping Candle Delirium. There are votive candles from several brands, and these tend to be more pocketbook friendly. They carry reed diffusers and a few candle accessories. They also have a decent lineup of bath/body products, such as perfumes, soaps, and lotions.

    We love the ability to shop multiple brands at once and the super fast shipping. A Candle Delirium matchbook comes with each and every order. The flat rate shipping is HUGE since candles are heavy to ship. Of course, it’s not hard to meet the minimum for free shipping either (which, as of this writing, is $150). We do recommend signing up for their newsletter to be alerted to brand and sitewide sales they occasionally have. They are not often, but they are generally pretty good and worth taking a look.
    Candle Delirium
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