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    Front Royal, Virginia , United States

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    Handmade Primitive & Grubby Candles
    Cabin Fever Primitives was established in 2000 by native Texan Noelle, who now resides in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She creates unique, grubby, primitive candles in pillars, votives, and various shapes. She also has country rustic jar candles and clamshell wax melts. All of the products have a rustic, country feel.

    Products are handmade to order and many items are decorative as well as functional. The candle scents available include common fragrance oils and custom blended scents. This company uses paraffin and a paraffin blend for their wax products. They are currently converting to all phthalate-free fragrances.

    Note From Candlefind:
    If you’re looking for a grubby, primitive look for your candles and wax melts, Cabin Fever & Primitives is the place to be. They offer a wide variety of candles, wax melts, loaves, tapers, and more – all with a grungy, primitive look. The colors are quite vibrant and the scent choices are plentiful.
    Cabin Fever & Primitives does carry mason jar-style candles with kraft labels, twine ties, and black screw-on lids, giving them a complete primitive style vibe. The beauties for us are their grubby pillar candles, wax melts, and tapers. Grubby candles have a handmade, lumpy-bumpy finish to the wax. Aside from the texture, the appearance is favored by some for the handmade, country presentation, which evokes a feeling of simpler times. If the grubby look is not your style, they do offer traditional smooth-sided candles and melts. The candles are made with refined paraffin or a paraffin blend and cotton wicks. They have a generous amount of scents available. We have not noted any custom blends at this shop.
    In addition to candles and melts, Cabin Fever & Primitives has other scented options such as potpourri with refresher oils and room sprays. They also carry a few select bath/body products.
    Cabin Fever Primitives & Candle Company
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