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    Bluecorn Beeswax
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    1842 S Townsend Ave , Montrose, Colorado 81401, United States
    Bluecorn is a candle company dedicated to simplicity. We’ve been handcrafting light in the mountains of Colorado since 1991. Our journey begins with sourcing the finest beeswax, then lightly filtering it to remove particulates while leaving the sweet scent and vibrant color intact. Finally, we test burn every batch and carefully choose the right wick to ensure a perfect burn.
    Yes, we keep it simple, but we work really hard at it.
    Note From Candlefind:
    Bluecorn Beeswax Candles has been around since the 1990s, making a wide variety of beautiful, clean-burning beeswax candles of incredibly high quality. They have some beautiful hand-dipped taper candles (our favorite!) in an array of beautiful colors. The tealight candles burn for about 5 hours each and you can choose either a clear or metal cup. 
    The variety of pillar candles at Bluecorn Beeswax Candles is amazing. They have a number of sizes, though the colored pillars can only be obtained in the 3″ x 6″ pillar size. They have a few scented candles – aromatherapy beeswax pillars, votive candles, and triple wicked container candles in recycled Spanish glass. They also carry a few travel tin candles.
    Be sure to check out their clearance section, as you’re bound to find a few deals here. Check back frequently as the offerings change out often.
    Bluecorn Beeswax
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