Bee Hive Candles


    100% USA beeswax. Beautifully hand crafted.
    Bee Hive Candles was started in the cold winter months of 2000 after taking the step from hobby candle maker to professional chandler. My interest in bees and beeswax started in 1988 when I was a summertime bee keeper for a honey farm in northern Minnesota (my husband and I relocated to Washington state in 1995). Knowing just how exceptional beeswax is and having a genuine passion in making and using candles, we experimented for years making different types of beeswax candles both for our personal use and as gifts for family and friends.

    Thus began Bee Hive Candles, initially a very small business run out of our home, starting with hand made molds and using our stove and old cooking pots to melt our beeswax. We still consider our company a small business but we have grown over the years, from our kitchen, to a spare room, to a garage, to a small workshop, and now a large fully dedicated workshop. Our product line has also grown significantly; we offer more products than ever and will continue to grow our product base to meet the needs of our clients.