Bedrock Tree Farm

    Soy candles infused with real fir needles.

    Bedrock Tree Farm
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    106 Woodland Trail , Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879, United States
    Welcome to Bedrock Tree Farm. We are a choose and cut Christmas Tree Farm in Rhode Island. We use the fir needles trimmed from our sheared branches to help create authentic smelling 100% Non GMO Soy wax clean-burning candles. We use pure essential oils. If you are wondering what our fir needle candle smells like, pinch the fir needles on your Christmas tree and take a big whiff and that is it.
    Note From Candlefind:
    Bedrock Tree Farm is a Christmas tree farm located in Rhode Island. How did they make it into a candle company directory? They happen to make a non-GMO soy candles that are infused with the fir needles from their cut branches and essential oils. They have both wood wick candles and lead free wicked candles in a wide variety of candle vessels.
    The Libbey status jars actually come gift boxed with a wick dipper included. They also carry mason jar candles, tureen style jars, and travel tins of various sizes. There are plenty of options! They only carry a handful of scents, but all of them come with real fir needles inside the wax. You’ll find scents such as Juniper, Fir Needle (of course!), Rugosa Beach Rose, and Shiso.
    Aside from the candles, this Bedrock Tree Farm also sells handmade soap and body care products such as body butter, lotion, and salt scrubs. They do use fir needle powder and essential oils for these products as well. Some of the soaps are carved into adorable shapes, making these products even more special.
    Bedrock Tree Farm
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