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    530 S Lake Ave # 377 , Pasadena, California 91101-3515, United States

    About Banter & Bliss Candle Co.

    We don’t just sell home fragrance products, we sell experiences. From the sensory experience of burning our fragrant candles to the memorable hands-on experience of participating in one of our candlemaking workshops, we’re entirely focused on infusing your life with Banter & Bliss.

    We believe in the saying “from a little spark may burst a flame.” From purchasing our supplies from small mom and pop businesses to organizing production partnerships with non-profit organizations, we strive to have a positive impact on our community. Our candles come in a variety of exceptionally fragrant scents and are made using all natural soy and coconut wax blends and lead and zinc-free wicks. Our soy wax is made from soy beans grown by American Farmers and our candles are scented using phthalate free fragrances and essential oils.

    Banter & Bliss is also the premiere provider of candlemaking experiences on the West Coast with services offered for all kinds of events—from workshops to weddings to experiential activations for major brands. While it fills our hearts that our customers live and love our products, it really brings us joy when they learn and laugh with us at our popular candlemaking events. That’s pretty much how we like to sum up the Banter & Bliss experience…live, love, learn, and laugh!

    All of our home fragrance items are 100% handmade at our studio located in Los Angeles.

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    Banter & Bliss Candle Co.
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