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    The Art of Living WellGregg Corzine and David Klass launched Archipelago Botanicals in 1998 to create natural fragrance, bath and wellness products to help people take a break and relax from their busy lives. In 2012, the company that started in a garage has evolved to become one of the fastest growing, best selling and sought after brands of luxury bath, body and aromatherapy products, including popular ranges of natural soy candles and diffusers that act as vehicles to deliver the brand’s distinctively complex and wonderful essential oil fragrance blends. Archipelago (pronounced “ahr-kuh-pel-uh-goh,”) means a large chain or group of islands. The name speaks to the brand’s quest to seek out and offer pampering products that feature the finest ingredients, essential oils and spa rituals from around the world. All Archipelago products are carefully handmade in the USA.

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    Love it to loathe it
    I have tried several of the votives from the Excursion collection. The price was reasonable at $2.50 ea. The scents ranged from love it to loathe it. All but Demeter burned well. No soot. Demeter scent for some reason had too small a flame no matter what I tried and was the same with 2 vo […]
    Should be double wicked
    I purchased the Archipelago Botanicals Home Soy candles in Caramel and Lemongrass. They come in very nice glass jars and the packaging is very high end. When lit the throw is very nice for both candles. I lit these (one at a time) in my kitchen and the scent fills up the house. The scent […]
    Just not for me
    I received one of these candles in the Havana scent and have enjoyed it, though I can't say I'd buy one for myself (at least, not in this scent). The scent throw is medium and different than any candle I've ever smelled, but it's a scent I wouldn't want to smell all of the time. It's hard […]