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    170 53rd Street, Brooklyn , Brooklyn, New York 11232, United States
    It all started with a question- “What makes a perfect candle”

    AU Collection was designed and created in 2009 by a Brooklyn based sculptor, poet and designer Andrej Urem.

    Note From Candlefind:

    The unique candle creations from sculptor Andrej Urem are truly works of art. Andrej channels his skills as an artist into designing amazing soy blend candle designs that are both pretty to look at and to burn. (Go ahead and burn them…you can always buy more!) The candles are dye-free and yes, unscented. There is a very informative About Us page that let’s us in on the artist and his muses.

    The candle molds are created using 3D technology and computer simulation. They burn down the middle, which then creates the most beautiful candle glow, elevating the mesmerization factor. Since the burn time of each candle exceeds 60 hours, you can definitely get your money’s worth with active use. The smaller candles, such as HABIBI, are a good entry-level into these candle designs. Once you’ve become addicted (and you will…trust!), the more intricate, sculptural candles such as KAZIMIR V will most likely catch your eye. These candles are meant to be conversation pieces and decorative art for your home or office.

    It’s no wonder these candles made our list of some of the best candles in New York!

    Andrej Urem Candle Company
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