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    300 Front Street , Elmer, New Jersey 08318, United States

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    A Cheerful Giver began in 1991 as a small family business.Throughout this time, A Cheerful Giver has distinguished itself through innovative products, unsurpassed quality and dedication to retailers.The owners, Tony & Susan Gross bring a high level of dedication and product innovation to the company.It is their intent to bring innovative products to our customers while also bringing innovative marketing programs to ensure success at the retail level. Tony & Susan believe that their strong faith will help guide them in taking this company forward. The vision for A Cheerful Giver is to partner with retailers by assisting with their sales efforts and customizing programs that help them gain success.

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    A Cheerful Giver
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    A Cheerful Giver - Archive Review 1
    Over the past few years, I’ve received the 22 oz. Mama jars and the 34 oz. Papa jars as gifts and I’ve also purchased them at a local store. I love the look of these candles. The primitive black lid with a homespun ribbon and tag is darling, but my favorite is the classic copper lid witho […]
    A Cheerful Giver - Archive Review 4
    I actually liked them better before they switched to soy. My old fav was Black Cherry, I tried Apple Delight this time. Not sure if I was slightly disappointing due to the fact that they are now soy? But overall they are pretty nice candles.
    A Cheerful Giver - Archive Review 3
    I like these candles pretty much~some of the scents are not as strong. My favorite in these candles, are the Banana Nut Bread, Sugar Cookie, and they have a Hazelnut type that i like. I think they are a little overpriced, unless you can find them on sale. Jars are cute!!