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    Knoxville, Tennessee 37923, United States

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    After making candles as wedding favors for our wedding in October 2017, our friends and family wanted more. Many people inquired about buying our candles as gifts and to have in their homes. In the five months following our wedding, we couldn’t blow out this flickering idea of having our candles, made with a funky kind of love, burn in homes just like yours. We further confirmed this would be a mission worth taking on when we held an adoption fundraiser for our daughter & son-in-law. The candle fundraiser led to more interest and more voices telling us DO IT. Create a candlelit dream.  Fast forward to March 2018, 865 Candle Company is established in Knoxville, TN. For those familiar with East TN, 865 is our area code and intentionally spells VOL. We love our local community and our volunteer spirit!

    One of our goals is to offer an array of generously scented candles that can be enjoyed for personal use or as gifts. We are passionate and dedicated to hand pouring a candle that is an affordable luxury. We have learned that life truly is all about the journey and we are moving toward something greater. We have dreams about where 865 Candle Company will go but realize that we can’t get there without pouring ourselves into every aspect of our candle making. We aim to light up our customers’ lives with incredible customer service and a burning passion for what we do, every single day.

    Note From Candlefind:
    865 Candle Company is one of our favorite soy wax candle brands. The indie wax company creates some amazing fragrances that scent our homes well without overpowering. The amber glass jars add an air of sophistication and instant ambiance. They also have clear glass jars, a limited edition luxury lineup, and clamshell wax melts. Some of their candles have wood wicks while  others have cotton wicks. Look for their 2oz sampler jars to get an idea of the scent options. You can get custom art on select candle sizes, letting your creativity run wild.
    Aside from all the above, you’ll also find other home fragrance options like reed diffusers and incense. They carry a small selection of bath/body products, too.
    865 Candle Company
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