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    360 E Lincoln Hwy , Waterman, Illinois 60556, United States

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    1803 Candles Website: By using pure, American farmed soy wax we create candles of the highest quality. Our candles are mixed, poured and labeled without a machine by the best employees in the land.

    1803 Candles® is a love of all things scented, apothecary style and simpler times renewed®. I refer to my house as my nest, but it’s a home, a haven just like everyone else. We all love our nest to feel and smell tranquil, comfortable, welcoming, relaxing and happy. Even on a dreary day lighting a candle can give your ruffled nest the needed tonic to feel bright again.


    Note From Candlefind:

    We absolutely love 1803 Candles, which is evident by some of our prior 1803 candle reviews. These candles offer up a little bit of nostalgia with the look, feel, and design – although they also have a newer line of more sleek-looking, modern style candle jars, referred to as their White Collection. They also have limited edition candles that come in various candle vessels. These particular candles can only be purchased on their website.

    The wax melts are soft and are adorned with scent-specific embeds. We love the scent throw and longevity of their wax melts. Some of our favorite fragrances include Lemon Drop Cookie, Vintage Lilac, and Cider Mill. If you like a little bit of mystery, they have a seconds wax melt bundle which is a package of six clamshells at a great price.

    1803 Candles
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