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    413 W 14th Street , New York, New York 10014, United States

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    Only scent remains.

    In addition to the olfactive branding side of the business, 12.29 is known for its very special luxury candle collection sold at the most exclusive retailers. The…candle collection is a scented journey through a beautiful and sensuous love story. Composed with the highest quality natural ingredients, the…candles are crafted entirely by hand by porcelain artisans in Limoges, France, the home of the best porcelain the world. … only scent remains.

    Note From Candlefind:

    This luxury candle company has long been on our radar, and who could blame us? With clients such as The Ritz-Carlton, Cadillac, and Central Park Tower, they are definitely considered to be cream of the crop.

    There are only a handful of candles that are available for purchase on the website, but they stay out of stock, unfortunately. The candles have absolutely dreamy names and scent descriptions. As of this writing, the candles available are: It Was All A Dream, A Vivid And Wild Beauty, A Dark Affair, Forget Everything But Me, A Moment of Surrender, This Feels Dangerous, and A Beautiful Sacrifice. All are in a beautiful white porcelain candle vessel. A Dark Affair can be purchased in the limited edition black porcelain vessel. One day we’ll get our hands on a 12.29 candle and will report back our findings!

    12.29 Candles