Candle Reviews by Deirdre Bloom

Candle reviews by Deirdre Bloom -, the site for candle loversHello my fellow wax aficionados! My name is Deirdre and I am a complete wax addict.

I’ll admit it, it’s bad. I have an entire dresser devoted to tarts (who needs their socks in a drawer anyway?). I no longer have an office closet or even shelves in my bedroom closet for that matter. They’ve been fully taken over by candles and wax melts.

I have been an avid tart melter since I discovered them in 2003 and have always been a die hard candleDeirdre Bloom scented candle reviews for junkie. I found Candlefind quite by accident in early 2008 when I was searching for a particular fragrance oil. Google led me to Candlefind. I was coming at it from the other side, as a vendor, and was fascinated by everything I read!  I spent hours reading through the reviews and learning what my potential customers loved and what they hated. The honesty I found was absolutely refreshing!

Having closed my online retail store, I have reverted back to my spendy scent addicted ways 😉 I know the industry, I know what sells, and I’ve got a little inside knowledge on how things are made and how they should perform. I’m looking forward to putting this
knowledge to use and sharing my opinions and reviews with all of you! And if any of you have an extra dresser you’d be willing to spare, my socks really need a home. Oh, who am I kidding…. I’ll just fill it up with more scented goodies.

~ Deirdre