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Candle Centerpieces

I love candles and I especially love how versatile they are in so many different ways. They’re not only great for scenting your home but also perfect as decorative pieces or in this case, centerpieces to any table setting, whether you’re designing something informal on your coffee table or creating a more formal setting on your dining table. Adding candle decor to any setting is also quite affordable depending on the look you’re after. You can create a unique masterpiece and look when you need an accent piece for a fancy dinner party, elegant weddings or a holiday setting that needs a bit of illumination to brighten up a room. Candlelight after all is so beautiful, day or night.

Below are a several different options we put together for candle centerpieces to give you an idea of what you can create in no time at all.



A cluster of glass vases in various heights above illustrates how simple you can go when creating a candle centerpiece on your table. Adding sand to the bottom of each vase is also fun and inexpensive. It adds color and definition as well as a great platform for your tea light or votive to sit on. Once the candles are lit, they glow beautifully, adding the perfect touch of illumination to any room or setting.


Nautical and Ocean Themed Centerpieces

Candle vases can be found in any size, height and style. It doesn’t even have to be a vase. It can be a decorative plate or simple platform. In the picture above, we paired a wide mouthed clear glass vase, added some ocean sand to the bottom and threw some shells and ocean pebbles on a platform to create a unique and yet effective nautical centerpiece for a coffee table. You can even add sea shells or pebbles with the sand inside your vase before placing the candle inside. There are so many options for nautical and ocean  theme settings.


Floating Candles

Floating candles are such a fun and effective way to add style and elegance to any table setting. You can design a centerpiece as simple or complex as you like. The above centerpiece was easily designed and can all be purchased at any craft store such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Pictured is a wide glass vase in the middle of a dry floral wreath with one floating candle in the center. At the bottom of the vase are decorate glass rocks to add a bit of color and contrast to the centerpiece. The end result… a sort of vintage setting that adds elegance to any table.


Add Flowers

Adding a cluster of flowers to your table along with tapered candles and tea lights creates a more formal and elegant setting. Pictured above are stacked floral arrangements of wild flowers and roses along with tapered candles and tea lights in blue vessels. The end result… GORGEOUS!!



Lanterns are an easy and decorative way to adorn any tabletop and they can be as simple as the lantern pictured above with a tea light flickering brightly or you can add flowers or any number of other adornments surrounding it. Pier 1 Imports has a nice selection of lanterns perfect for any centerpiece on your table.


Go Elegant and Vintage

Nothing adorns a table quite like a cluster of vintage candelabras flickering with candlelight. Add a vase of flowers here and there and you have a table fit for a queen and her guests.


Use Rocks or Pearls

Use rocks or pearls or any number of items to create a beautiful yet informal candle centerpiece. In the picture above, smooth and polished river rocks were used on a wooden decorate plate. A rustic pillar in the center completes the spa-like landscape that can be placed on a coffee table or bathroom. Again, Pier 1 Imports carries just about everything you need in that picture. Can you tell I love Pier 1? They are the masters of candle decor.


Mix It Up

Mixing it up with various candle holders in one setting can be fun and add pizzazz to a table setting as well. In the picture above, wine glasses were used to hold burning votive’s along with tea light holders and flat candle dishes. All the candles are different but still blend well together. The end result is elegance and sparkling illumination as the centerpiece.


Fall Candle Centerpieces

Fall centerpieces are super easy and fun to create. Purchase a hurricane, lantern or wide glass vase and throw in some acorns, pine cones, fall leaves, dried pumpkins or whatever you fancy to decorate your table top in time for Autumn and Thanksgiving.


Holiday Candle Centerpieces

Decorating your tables during the holidays with candles is simply endless as you can see from a few examples we’ve uses in the above pictures. Use Christmas balls, wreaths, sprigs from your Christmas tree, pine cones, a string of lights surrounding your pillars on a dish…. the possibilities are limitless. You just have to use your imagination and there are plenty of examples to use if you do an internet search. I love decorating with pillars. I love spreading tea lights around your centerpiece to add a bit more sparkle – or a lot more sparkle. Seriously, what can’t you do?

Candle Centerpieces

I could keep going with example after example of candle centerpieces but then this post would never end. Now that is has, I hope this gave you some ideas on your next “do it yourself” candle project. Decorating your home and tables tops with candles truly is the perfect choice for any event whether it be a dinner party, wedding or holiday event.  Now get out there and make something beautiful!! I know you can do it. 🙂

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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