Decorating a Dorm Room with Candles



by Jessica Ackerman
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Although college-aged girls are often still thought of as young girls by parents, they normally have grown up tastes, including the desire for candles as decor. Accessories such as scented candles, real or faux, make a great addition to a feminine dorm room, while still being stylish and sophisticated. To help define a developing sense of personal style, consider decorating a dorm room with candles.


decorating a dorm room with candles

Candles With Attitude

Dozens of retailers offer candles that are more than just your traditional scented candle, many with fun looks and great colors that blend well with her décor. From bold zebra stripes to sassy hot pink candles, you can find a great candle that offers some of her wonderful and fun personality. Candles have many more options than they did even a decade ago, with options ranging from color to scent and even layering for multiple scent options.

Traditional retailers are not the only option for finding candles with attitude anymore, and many online stores offer a mega variety of candles in funky colors, shapes, scents, and other options. It does not have to be a candle that burns; there are many alternatives, from faux candles that still offer fun designs and great scents to candles that go out when they are finished burning.


Untraditional Options

As before mentioned, there is no rule that says that you have to stick with a traditional scented candle these days. There are some really fun and interesting things that retailers do with candles to make them more enjoyable for those who purchase them. Here are some examples: Decorating a dorm room with candles

  • Gift candles. Vintage gift candles, which were very popular in the 1980s and 1990s, have fun gifts somewhere in the candle that are sealed within the candle and a fireproof container. Common gifts included money, small jewelry items, sculptures, and more.
  • Interesting shapes. From castles to seashells, tapered candles or tea lights are yesterday’s fashion. Now, you can choose what appeals to you, in fun shapes and interesting designs. Some even burn to take the form of something totally different!
  • Unique scents. Most people choose floral scents, or fruit-inspired smells, assuming that there are not many other options available. Now, you can find anything from rainforest scents to freshly mown hay, depending on where you shop and what you are looking for.


Final Word of Caution

Use caution when purchasing a candle that burns, especially if you know that your daughter is forgetful or may not understand that the candle should always be extinguished while she sleeps, is in another room, and/or when Decorating a dorm room with candlesshe exits the room for more than a quick bathroom break. For girls that have lapses in memory, choose safety first and find a great scented faux candle or one that burns out and extinguishes itself. Safety should always come before beauty, even when you are decorating a dorm room with candles for a girl who is still part woman. After all, she will always be your little girl, and you will always want to protect her!


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