Gold Canyon Candles - Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin scented candle – Gold Canyon Candle

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Gold Canyon Candles

Type: 16oz Heritage Candle

Fragrance: Cozy Cabin

Scent Strength: Strong!!


Introduction to my review:

I have loved Gold Canyon Candles since, well, since I can remember! This company started me on my scented candle fixation back in early 2000 and I’ve been a faithful customer ever since. Their candles are strong with a nice selection of choices and scents. I love looking through their beautiful catalogs and plotting future orders. – The only negatives and it’s minor… you have to buy these candles through a demonstrator. You do have to pay tax no matter where you live and shipping can also get expensive depending on your size order. Not a huge deal but if you’re used to shopping on smaller sites that don’t collect tax and also offer free shipping or killer sales, that can be a deal breaker. I can tell you though, if you’ve never tried Gold Canyon and have a chance to… they’re totally worth it.Gold Canyon has morphed and changed over the years. They used to just offer a single style jar in different sizes with a huge list of staple scents and now offer a wide variety of styles with rotating scents offered. Their Heritage line is their staple/classic line and the one I usually stick to when ordering.

This review is centered around a scent called Cozy Cabin from their Heritage Collection.



What did my Cozy Cabin candle smell like?

This is one of my favorite scents from Gold Canyon. Scent description:Cozy Cabin - Husband approved scent

This soft, woodsy fragrance with geranium and cedar has the invigorating aroma of the great outdoors.

This is a 100% husband/man approved scent! Cozy Cabin is a really hard scent to describe, it’s got a lot going on. Smelling it cold, it smells like a total “man” scent which is probably why my husband loves it. I love it because it’s so unique (very outdoors/earthy) and saturates my house while not being too overpowering.

Cozy Cabin smells exactly like the description. It smells like cologne and cedar, both equally mixed and boy is this scent strong. One candle literally fragrances the entire upper level of my house and we’re talking a huge space so if you love saturation and masculine scents… this is definitely the candle for you. On a scale of 1 to 10, Cozy Cabin rates a 10 for me. Love it!!



How did my candle burn?

My candle burned perfect. No wasted wax. Just had to keep my wicks trimmed.



Closing to my review:

You can’t go wrong with Gold Canyon. Their candles have always been strong and consistent. Love their scent selection and love all Two thumbs up for Cozy Cabintheir gorgeous new styles and candle accessories. Cozy Cabin is a scent I’ll buy for many years to come. It’s unique, strong and rates high from just about everyone who walks through my door.Just keep in mind when purchasing Gold Canyon candles, you have to purchase products through a demonstrator. It’s easy though, if you don’t have one on hand, go to Gold Canyon’s website and you can find one easily enough through their easy online steps. From there, you’ll be taken to a demonstrator’s website where you can shop away.

Happy Candle Smelling!

~ Christina

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