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Review of Scented Soy Tealights from Country Light Candle Co.

Scented Tealights

by Christina Rylan

Brand: Country Light Candle Co

Type: Tealights

White Tea & Ginger
French Vanilla Pear
Green Tea & Cucumber,
Vanilla Butter cream
Calming Water

Burn time: 7 hours each

Scent Strength: Light to Medium depending on fragrance


Introduction to my review of scented tealights from Country Light Candle Co.

I love tealights. They’re tiny, cute and give the perfect amount of “ambiance” when you want that candlelit flame going but don’t want to burn a big candle. It’s also fun to burn several at one time just for the whole mood and atmosphere they create. Tealights can create a romantic setting, spice up a table for social events, accent decor, fragrance small rooms… the possibilities are endless not to mention all the accessories you can buy along with them.My favorite room to burn tea-lights in is my powder-room… they give off the Country Light Tealight Reviewperfect amount of fragrance for small rooms and I love the flickery flames. It’s a win/win for me. I’m getting my “scent and candle-lit” fix all at the same time.

Country Light Candles offer a wide variety of wax products from jar candles, travel tins, votives, melts and last but not least… tealights which I think are their specialty and what I decided to review. Country Light Candles have a ton of different tealight packages you can purchase which makes it nice. When I like something, I like a lot of it and appreciate the discounts that apply… some on the other hand may just like a few so this company offers a wide variety of options.

These candles are all soy which I know is a plus to many who exclusively buy soy. Me, I buy it all so that’s not a big factor for me. What I did like about these tealights and impressed the heck out of me was how long they lasted. I literally got 8 full hours out of each tealight! To me, that’s a long lasting tealight considering I’m used to buying cheapies at Walmart that generally last a few hours at most. This site advertises approx 7 hours of burn time per tea-light so I got an extra hour out of mine. Not bad.

You know where that would come in handy? Weddings!! I remember at my wedding reception, that was a big deal for me and I hunted everywhere for at least 5 hour tealights. So, this would be a great company to keep in mind for weddings or big social events. I also noticed they offer unscented tealights and votives specifically for weddings and events. Great resource! For those who are into melts and love tea-light burners, these are your tealights if you’ve been searching for longer lasting ones.

The scents I decided to review were, White Tea & Ginger, French Vanilla Pear, Green Tea & Cucumber, Vanilla Buttercream and Calming Water. Phew!! That’s a lot of scents!!



Country Light Scented Tealight reviewWhat did my TeaLights from Country Light Look Like?

My tealights were standard size and came in clear plastic cups. Each cup was brimming to the max with wax.



How did my Tealights from Country Light Candle Smell?

White Tea & Ginger Scented Tealight ReviewWhite Tea & Ginger

I’ve tried quite a few candles and melts in this scent and the majority I’ve tried, I haven’t really cared for. I did however like Country Lights version. I thought it was very “fresh & herbal” and light rather than smelling like perfume. It could be because these were tealights and obviously on the lighter side. Whatever the case may be, it worked.

The fragrance description says “an exotic tea blend with a sprinkle of ginger” I could definitely smell the white tea but not really the ginger. I don’t burn enough ginger scents though to be an expert so forgive my ignorance on this one. Ginger is not a strong suite. Even so, I thought the whole fragrance was lovely. Every time I walked near my powder room, this fresh scent hit my nose and it really livened up and aired out the room.



French Vanilla Pear

French Vanilla Pear Scented Candle ReviewThe cold smell of this tealight is divine! So rich, creamy and sweet. Here is the scent description:

“The aroma of fall’s ripe golden pears, mixed with vanilla cream, French Vanillaelicits feelings of home and comfort.”

I really loved this scent and I could have sworn my nose detected bananas in the mix. How can you mistake bananas? This scent is very sweet and creamy so maybe that’s what it was. All I know is, it’s wonderful and one I’ll definitely get again. The strength of the scent seemed light though… I had two tealights going at once and I could detect the scent when I walked into my powder-room but it wasn’t “in your face”… just subtle. I think that’s normal for tealights however.

Great scent… one I’ll buy again from this company for sure.



Green Tea & Cucumber

Green tea & Cucumber Scented Candle ReviewI love this scent. It’s so different, fresh and uplifting and a perfect scent for my bathrooms. It’s a really weird scent to describe too because I don’t really smell cucumber and it’s not really “herbally” to me either. It’s just a fresh vibrant scent (kind of soapy). Here’s the scent description from Country Lights website:

“A wonderfully soothing blend of fresh cucumbers infused with natural green floral tea with a hint of lemongrass.”

After reading that description, that totally makes more sense. I’m almost positiveGreen Tea & Cucumber Scented Candle Review on other sites I’ve purchased this scent from that I’ve never read floral tea and lemongrass in the description. It is a soothing scent and now I can see where there might be floral and lemongrass in the mix. This would be a great scent for body lotions and sprays too. It’s beautiful.

I burned two tealights in my powder-room and the strength was perfect. Not too strong, not too light. I couldn’t help but smile and take deep breaths of this scent when walking into the room.



Vanilla Buttercream

Oh man! This scent smells so delicious just smelling it cold… I wanted to eat it! Here’s the scent description:

“Just like homemade vanilla frosting – you’ll want to take a bite!” Vanilla Buttercream

This scent really does smell just like frosting and you DO want to take a bite, it’s that realistic. I would love to try this scent in a large candle and I probably will along with several dozen tarts, I liked it that much!! This is a very rich and decadent scent. Lots of vanilla with sugar and cream… YUM!!

The strength of these tealights was medium which is pretty good I think. Anything stronger would have been too much. A very nice strength for tealights which makes me wonder at a melt or candle. Again, YUM!!!!!

Highly recommend this scent and will for sure purchase in the future.




Scented Tealight ReviewCalming Water

I’ll start with the scent description:

“Fresh marine and citrus accords are blended with Apricot, Geranium, and Cucumber for the aroma of a soothing water spa.”

This was a very different scent for me. It was fresh and Calming Water Scented Tealight Review airy and I loved this scent in my bathroom. I guess I could smell the marine & citrus but I couldn’t really smell the other parts. I thought this scent smelled just like soap… my husband thought it smelled like laundry detergent.

The scent throw on these tealights were great. I burned two tealights at once and the aroma filled my bathroom perfectly and traveled into the hallway too so this was a strong scent. If you love fresh/soapy type scents, you’ll like this one.



Candle FlameHow did My Tealights from Country Light burn?

My tealights burned perfectly. No issues at all.



Overall opinion of my Tealights and Country Light Candle Company:

I’m really glad this company asked for a review because I’m not sure if I would have tried them otherwise. There are so many candle companies out there and realistically, I can’t get to them all on my own. I enjoyed these tealights a lot Country Light Scented Tealight Reviewand will definitely be purchasing more along with candles and melts. Country Light have a lot of great scents along with a nice selection of products and pricing.If you’re searching for tealights for a wedding or special occasion, definitely give these a try. I was very impressed with the quality and how long they lasted. I get a lot of emails asking where to buy long lasting tealights and I now have a place to recommend.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

Shop at Country Light Candle Co. Website

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