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Country Light Candle Co. – Winter Scented Candles & Melts

by Julia Wooten

Company: Country Light Candle Co.

Type: No-Stick Wax TartsWinter Scented Melt Review, Country Light Candle Co review,, the site for candle lovers.
and Soy Glow Pots

Spice Blend
Sugared Spruce
Windsong Balsam Pine

Cost: $1.70 – $9.50

Scent Strength:
Medium to Strong


Introduction to my review of winter scented melts from Country Light Candle Co:

Country Light Candle Company is best known for their long lasting tealights and votives. In fact, you can check out Christina’s review of several tealight surfing the net, morning coffee, Country Light Candle Co melt review,, the site for candle lovers.fragrances, but they also offer plenty of other candles such as pillars, tapers, tarts and container candles as well.When I checked out Country Light’s website, I completely lost track of time. I hopped online first thing in the morning, coffee in hand, and felt like I was window shopping… except I was still in my jammies. I found what I was looking for right away… the website was well thought out and easy to navigate. I had so much fun looking at all of the pretty tart warmers and candle accessories that my coffee was long gone by the time I finished drifting from page to page… picture to picture.Even though there are well over 100 fragrances available, I wanted to check out some of the newly added winter scents.

There are two new spice blends that looked equally good to me, and there are two new pine scents available so I had planned on putting these up in head to head battles. This seemed like a good idea until I received my package and found out that these scents are so different from one another that there was really no battle to be had. Each one was unique.



Country Light Candle Co glow pots candle review,, the site for candle loversWhat do my Glow Pots and Tarts from Country Light Candle Co look Like?

For this review, I decided to try Country Light Candle Company’s Glow Pots and tarts. When you see the Glow pots you’ll understand why I just could not resist them… they are so cute! I just wanted to pinch their little cheeks. They are squat little jars… wide mouthed and single wicked. Each glass jar has little handle designs formed into the sides and the simple label is on the lid. The pine scented wax was green and the spice blends were shades of tan.

The No-Stick Wax Tarts are palm wax so they have a crystalline appearance and popped right out of my melters when cooled. Palm wax is a renewable resource made from palm tree oil, and Country Light uses wax that conforms to sustainable palm oil cultivation – leaving our precious rain forests undamaged.



How did “The Spices” smell?

Peppercorn Scented candle review from Country Light Candle Co,, the site for candle loversPeppercorn Spice Blend

Peppercorn Spice Blend is described as:“An alluring scent of peppercorn, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg with a touch of zest. A wonderful Autumn fragrance!”

This is a sweet, almost cake-like scent. It’s a friendly welcoming scent… down to earth and uncomplicated. I placed this scent in my kitchen. It easily carried throughout my large main area. It was a great warm scent that worked well all through my house.

I have passed over so many peppercorn scents thinking of the salt & pepper shakers next to my stove. I’m so glad I finally gave peppercorn a chance. It’s nothing like that sneezy black pepper. This is a good blend of spices with the peppercorn giving it a bit of bite and balancing out the sweetness. I will definitely choose this fragrance again.



Magi scented candle review from Country Light Candles,, the site for candle lovers


Magi is completely different. It is described as:

“Golden vanilla orchid mingles with incense made from frankincense and myrrh in an aroma fit for a king.”

This was a nice scent in my guest bathroom. The description says it’s an aroma fit for a king and I definitely got that impression as well. Magi is a deep, mystical, incense type of scent. It has a mysterious, oddly fruity quality to it. This is a beautiful, slightly powdery scent.

Even though I had this one in my small bathroom, it easily could have scented a much larger area. It certainly smelled as if it were fit for royalty. I truly enjoyed this luxurious scent.



A tale of two Pines:

Sugared SpruceSugared Spruce Scented Candle Review,, the site for candle lovers

Sugared Spruce is described as:“A blend of orange, pine and strawberry A holiday scent that pleases year-round.”

This is definitely a fruity pine blend. Orange and berry take the lead here with the pine following close behind. This one was a bit stronger than the others I tried. It’s an interesting mix with the perky orange being the most noticeably strong fragrance. It was sweet and tangy with a pine kick… very energizing.



Balsam Pine scented candle review,, the site for candle loversWindsong Balsam Pine

Windsong Balsam Pine is described simply as:

“A mixture of Blue Spruce and Balsam Fir.”

What a pretty pine…I wish I had more of this. It isn’t a cleanser type of scent at all. It’s a sweet pine with a little something extra. I would not consider this a straight pine tree scent…but more of a festive holiday type. My husband commented about how good it smelled… “Christmas-y” and “Piney” were two of his words. When he’s right…he’s right.

This was my favorite of the scents I tried. Even though it had a holiday feel to it, I could enjoy Windsong Balsam Pine all winter long. It had a great throw and filled my main area with ease. This is yet another scent I will reorder.



Burning Candle,, the site for candle loversHow did My Glow Pots burn from Country Light Candle Co?

The soy Glow Pots burned evenly and formed a wax pool quickly to the edges. They lasted a long time but left a thin film on the glass. The little pots had a medium sized throw that was perfect for my medium sized bedroom, but I had fun moving them all around the house and had good results wherever I put them. These Glow Pots were adorable and I wanted to have dozens of the pudgy little jars.


So what about the Palm Wax melts?

The melts… ahh the melts. These were highly scented and lasted for-ever and a day. Country Light’s website boasts an average 36 hour burn time with these and I found that to hold true for mine… 36 hours people… a lot can happen in that amount of time.

I have been sort of indifferent to palm wax products for a while. I’ve tried them occasionally but have not had a really great experience with them… until now. Country Light Candle Company completely won me over with their palm tarts. They have been working with palm wax for over 10 years… they know how to get the best performance out of this medium.

They are very particular about the wax and the fragrance oils that they use and it truly shows with these products.



Closing remarks to my review of Country Light Candle Co:Country Light Candle Co Review,, the site for candle lovers

If you are new to palm wax, this company is a fantastic place to try them out. For those of you who have melted palm wax before, I recommend giving Country Light Candle Company a whirl. They make exceptionally long lasting, high quality tarts. I am so pleased to have found such an impressive palm wax product. I only wish I had tried them long ago.I enjoyed everything about my experience with Country Light Candle Company… from shopping in my jammies to making goo-goo eyes at my darling little glow pots, to having my No-Stick Wax Tarts stay strong and true through tealight after tealight. With their stellar customer service I’m sure you will be pleased too.Happy New Year!

~ Julia

Visit Country Light Candle Co.

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