by Avery Jordan

Brand: CJ’s Candle Corner

Scents:CJ's Candle corner review
Breezes & Sunshine
Fresh Linen
Baby Powder

16 oz Candles – $12.99
Clamshell melts – $2.99
Singles – $1.49

Melts : Wowie
Candles: Light to medium


Introduction to my CJ’s Candle Corner scented candle review:

How’s it going with the spring cleaning?

Are you on top of it? Is it all done? Or… are you like me? I go in with good intentions and get distracted by my wax stash needing to be organized and I don’t seem to get much farther than that! It is has been a long winter, my candle-sniffing friends, and we have done a good job of cocooning, keeping warm, but now we have to deal with the aftermath!

So, we have put it off long enough, let’s get going!

Mop – check!

Rags – check!

Soaps or Detergents – check!Woman spring cleaning,, the site for candle lovers

Fresh and clean scents – …. huh?

If you are like me, maybe what we need is a little “mood” scenting to get us going. We need to round up some fragrances that are going to speak to us about getting serious about cleaning up this mess! And… luckily, we don’t have to go far.

CJ’s Candle Corner is the vendor in the spotlight today. They are easy to find, as a Candlefind advertiser, you can find them on the home page, on the left side of the screen.

Click on in – you are greeted by a quaint little store front and a big ol’ welcome sign (after all, they are in Texas), and the notice that they have over 200 scents. Go on inside and see what Carol and Jack’s (The “C” and the “J”) wax business is all about! With six sizes of candles priced $12.99 to $3.49, and tarts and “wax chips” , oils and melters, you have options!

This is a very user-friendly site – uncluttered, menu on the left. Especially important is the “free gift with orders” notice right beside the announcement about FREE Shipping on orders over $50!



CJ's Candle Corner scented candle review,, the site for candle loversHow do my candles and melts look?

It was easy to be inspired to light up my “cleaning” scents. The candles are made of a blended soy wax. CJ’s sent 16 oz clear apothecary jars, in white (Baby Powder), robin egg blue (Fresh Linen) and baby duckling yellow (Breezes and Sunshine), and it would be hard to find a combination that felt more spring-like than that! Each has a gold CJ's Candle Corner scented candle and melt review,, the site for candle loversstretchy cord ribbon, and each has the same whimsical label on the lid; white with an abstract oblong graphic in aqua/seafoam green, pink and yellow. Since the label is on the lid, it keeps the look simple and uncluttered, (and I know this sounds so corny), so sitting grouped together on the counter, my spring candle still life looked “fresh” and it looked “happy”.

The melts are standard clamshells with the same colorful label as the jars. They are colored the same as the candle scents. CJ’s containers are full and they “snap” when you break them – I like that! I am not crazy about the soft ones you have to dig out, nor do I care for the ones that take brute force to break apart. This was perfect – pop!



How do my candles and tarts smell from CJ’s Candle Corner?

Breezes and Sunshine

“Aromatic blend of citrus, with fresh marine notes and summer flowers. Very fresh fragrance”

To get in the right mindset for all this cleaning we are going to do, we need the weather to cooperate. What we need is sunshine! And soft clean breezes! Or, maybe a candle by the same name will do the job?

When I started smelling this scent wafting down the hall, my thoughts CJ's Candle Corner scented candle review,, the site for candle loverswere “Mmm… lemony fresh!” The citrus, which is lemon to me in this scent, is predominant, but it is almost like it is an overlay on Fresh Linen – that clean, floral scent is not too far behind the uplifting lemon. It is interesting how we have been conditioned to think “clean” when we smell this citrus smell – but I swear my house was suddenly cleaner! I bet you might get away with saying you have had a tough day cleaning – and all you really did was light up this candle or melt. (Wink!)

I found the melt stronger than the candle, and oh my word! The melt really has a great throw! One little cube is all it took to scent most of the main floor of the house. It lasted about 3 hours, shorter than some, but with this intensity I was not surprised.

This candle scent is the strongest of the three I tried – small room size, but it lingers once extinguished.



Fresh Linen

“Wonderful fresh blend of powder, jasmine, lilac, musk & vanilla”
Fresh linen scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers

More clean and fresh! This scent is a classic. Similar to a fabric softener scent (who doesn’t love clean, warm laundry?) this scent should contain rain or ozone notes or something that makes it smell like you have line-dried laundry. When first melting this scent I caught the soft melange of flowers, then the powdery scent. If you sniff deeply, there is the musk, but thankfully for me, it is not the major presence!

This candle was the lightest of the three. It was about powder room strength – and that double wick made that small room not only smell good, it was toasty warm in there!

The melts: I only used one cube of the 6 section clamshell and that was enough for me! These were quite strong, the scent easily covering 2 side by side rooms.



Baby powder scented candle review,, the site for candle loversBaby Powder

“Wonderful fresh and true baby powder scent”

Well, why stop now? Throw the kids in the tub! There are few things that smell sweeter than a squeaky clean baby. Mmmmmm! Doesn’t that thought make you smile? This scent is authentic – I even got out the real thing, the plastic bottle full of white powder just to be sure.

The candle was very softly scented, but the melts? It smelled like a whole bevy of baby bottoms had been powdered up in there. Yessir, it was that strong!



Candle flameHow did my candles  burn and my melts melt?

Not a problem to report with my double wicked candles. No soot, no clingy wax on the sides. Minor wick trimming before lighting was about all.

The melts, using a tealight melter were typical – melted easily, popped out when iced or the bowl was chilled.



Final Clean up?

CJ’s Candle Corner is another great company for the “plus” column! I was so impressed with the strength of the throw on the melts that I amCJ's Candle Corner scented candle review,, the site for candle lovers anxious to try some of the other scents. I may also have to look a little closer at the ceramic warmer (with bowl) that is only $12.99! Hard to imagine, but at this price, my tealight days could be coming to an end!

Hopefully I have helped you ease the pain associated with the cleaning ahead. Maybe you could wait a bit and do “Spring’s Almost Over so Why Bother to Clean Much Now?” cleaning like my neighbor does! No matter what direction you go, once it is over, it will be time to kick back and relax! CJ’s has monthly scent specials at a great price (June features Tahitian Waterfall). How about that? Or I see “Aromatherapy Relaxation”…and lookey there! I also see Red Raspberry Cheesecake! Maybe instead of relaxing after our spring cleaning, a reward is in order! Oohhh…which to choose? As we candle lovers know- the answer is obvious – why choose? We’ll take all three!

Happy candle smelling!

~ Avery

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