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  Pure Vanilla - Aromatique Candle Review by Christina Rylan Brand: Aromatique Type: 13.5oz Glass Candle Fragrance: Pure Vanilla Cost: 21.00 Scent Strength: Light     Introduction to my Pure Vanilla candle from Aromatique: I was so excited several months ago when I received a surprise box I wasn’t expecting....
  Stella Luxury Candle Review from Tocca By Christina Rylan Brand: Tocca Type: 3oz Candlelina Fragrance: Stella Scent Strength: Strong     First impression of Stella from Tocca:  Now that I’m fully immersing myself it the world of luxury candles, I couldn’t resist getting my hands on a few...
  By Thomas Bowers We love scented candles and are quite sure you feel the same way. Those beautiful little lumps of wax are the ideal way of creating a wonderful ambience in your home, and you can use them in...
by Julia Wooten Brand: Village Candle Type: Decor Glass Pillars ”Trio of 6”, 9', 10.5” Fragrance: Winter Wonderland Cost: $20 - $30     Introduction to my review of beautiful glass Decor Pillars from Village Candle: A winter wonderland doesn't have to mean a snow covered...
First Impressions of My Butterscotch Oatmeal Candle My next installment of Mrs. Fields Cookie Candles…. Butterscotch Oatmeal….. YUM!!!! Mrs. Fields candles are just too cute for words!! The glass vessel is in the shape of a cookie jar with a matching...

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