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It’s no surprise that Candlefind would be all about the candles. We were reviewing candles long before wax melts became a ‘thing.’ We review them all…from big name brands, like Yankee Candle and Goose Creek, to small mom-and-pop candle companies. Our detailed reviews are meant to guide you as you make purchase decisions among the many, many options out there. We look at packaging/presentation, burn performance, scent strength and throw, and authenticity. Let us be your candle guide!


Best Yankee Candle Reviews

Rainbow Shake

Pink Sands

Balsam & Cedar

Best Goose Creek Reviews

Citrus Lavender


Looking For Luxury Candles?

This Candle Smells Like My Vagina, Heretic

Paint It Black, Evoke Candle Company

Fraiser Fir, Thymes

Best White Barn Reviews

Fresh Coconut & Eucalyptus

Coastal Watermelon



The Strawberry Prosecco candle from HomeLights is huge, gorgeous, and just what you need for this summer heat!
Stunned by the pandemic, we found ourselves spending more and more time indoors, stressing over issues of health, finances, and the worldly state of affairs. We did take the time to get to know several more indie candle companies,...
This candle from Kringle Candle's Donut Collection is heavy on the maple syrup and smells absolutely delicious!
This reclaimed, hand-carved coconut shell candle will give you visions of a tropical beach and tons of fun!
The PCH candle from Guy Fox offers up a clean burn and a complex aroma that is sure to make men and women swoon.