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It’s no surprise that Candlefind would be all about the candles. We were reviewing candles long before wax melts became a ‘thing.’ We review them all…from big name brands, like Yankee Candle and Goose Creek, to small mom-and-pop candle companies. Our detailed reviews are meant to guide you as you make purchase decisions among the many, many options out there. We look at packaging/presentation, burn performance, scent strength and throw, and authenticity. Let us be your candle guide!


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 Pineapple Mango Candle - Bath & Body Works Review By Christina Rylan Brand: Slatkin & Co from Bath & Body Works Type: 14.5oz 3 wick candle Fragrance: Pineapple Mango Cost: $22.50 Scent Strength: Medium/Light    What did my candle smell like?Let’s start off with the scent description:“A...
Stunned by the pandemic, we found ourselves spending more and more time indoors, stressing over issues of health, finances, and the worldly state of affairs. We did take the time to get to know several more indie candle companies,...
Japanese Pear Mia Bella candle reviewBy Christina RylanBrand: Mia BellaType: 16oz medium candleFragrance: Japanese PearScent Strength: Medium First impression of Japanese Pear:  Japanese Pear marks my third review of the candle company, Mia Bella. Mia Bella really hit the scene in...
Our review and thoughts on the large candle jar Sweet Bunny Carrots from Yankee Candle Company.
 Lemon White Barn Candle ReviewBy Christina RylanBrand: White BarnType: 14.5oz low profile candleFragrance: LemonScent Strength: Medium   First impression of Lemon from White Barn:  It’s pretty safe to say that when any new lemon fragrance hits Bath & Body Works, I’m going...