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Candle Company Reviews

We offer plenty of candle company reviews on this site, to give you an overall picture of a particular candle company before you decide to make a purchase. Sometimes we do a mystery shop (‘You’ve Been Shopped’), sometimes we try out all the available scents (‘Strolling The Scent List’), and sometimes we just do a round up or review of various products. No matter what type of review, you always know you can count on Candlefind to give you our honest, scented opinion.

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What’s a candle mystery shop? We shop a candle company like a regular customer, without our Candlefind name attached. We report back to give our opinion on our experience from start to finish. This helps us get a truer picture of a company that we are able to share with you.

Our Best Mystery Shop Reviews

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Sparkle Candle Company

by Christina Rylan Brand: Wicks n' More Type: Square and Round Pillars, Reserve Collection Container Candle and Social Lite Votives Fragrances: Forest Blend Warmest Wishes Amish Harvest Very Berry Chocolate and Cashmere Scent Strength: Light to medium   Introduction to my review of Wicks n' More: One aspect I love about Candlefind...
  By Jen Ebersol Brand: Soyphisticated Candles Type: Three 16 oz Jar Candles and One Soy Melt Pack Fragrance: Sparkling Snow, Jasmine Waterlily, Ginger Essence, Orange Air Cost: 16 oz Jars-$18.95, Melt Pack-$4.25 Scent Strength: All but one were Highly Fragranced   Short but sweet introduction to my...
  by Christina Rylan Brand: Unwined Candles Type: 11oz wine bottle containers Fragrances: Eastern Amber 5 O'Clock Somewhere Cost: $20.00 Scent Strength: Medium to soft   Introduction to my Unwined Candle review: This is a really cool site with such an interesting name. Unwined… once you understand the...
Review of an Indochine Scented Candle & a Tuscan Blood Orange Scented Candle from Pacifica Candles by {cms_selflink page='64' text='Christina'} (Added: 8/15/05 ) Info on Christina's Candle: Brand: Pacifica Candles Scent: Indochine & Tuscan Blood Orange Type: 7oz Soy Jar Cost: $15.95 Scent Strength: Light to...
  by Julia Wooten  Brand: CT River Candles Type: River Inspired Soy Jars Spa Soy Jars and Melts Fragrances: Apple Maple Bourbon Vanilla Hazelnut Juniper Breeze Cost: $4.50 - $16.95 Scent Strength: Varied   Introduction to my CT River Candle review: Along the banks of the Connecticut River in sleepy, historic Haddam, Connecticut...

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