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Candle Company Reviews

We offer plenty of candle company reviews on this site, to give you an overall picture of a particular candle company before you decide to make a purchase. Sometimes we do a mystery shop (‘You’ve Been Shopped’), sometimes we try out all the available scents (‘Strolling The Scent List’), and sometimes we just do a round up or review of various products. No matter what type of review, you always know you can count on Candlefind to give you our honest, scented opinion.

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What’s a candle mystery shop? We shop a candle company like a regular customer, without our Candlefind name attached. We report back to give our opinion on our experience from start to finish. This helps us get a truer picture of a company that we are able to share with you.

Our Best Mystery Shop Reviews

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  by Avery Jordan Brand: Friendly Fumes Type: Clamshells - 3.99 24 oz - 21.95 16 oz/ 16.95 - 17.95 10 oz - 13.95 Fragrances: Snickerdoodle Apple Cinnamon Lavender Vanilla Sweet Black Pepper Lavender Shortbread Strength: Medium+ Introduction to Friendly fumes scented candle review:Friendly Fumes was a new company to me. I...
  A friend of mine named Charlene, who runs an aromatherapy course in Lincoln, Nebraska, told me a story about a young man who had just joined the course and was raring to go because he had read so...
  by Julia Wooten Brand: YumLicious Brand Soy CandlesType: 6.5 oz Soy jar candlesFragrances: Hydrangea Apple Harvest Vanilla Hazelnut Cost: $12.00Scent Strength: Varied  Introduction to my review of scented candles from YumLicious Brand Soy Candles: I first noticed YumLicious when it was called Yummy Brand candles....
  Aromatique Candle Review by Julia Wooten Brand: Aromatique Type: Container Candles Fragrance: Orange & Evergreen Citrus Plum Berry Smell of GardeniaCost: $10.00 - $18.50 Scent Strength: Varied  Introduction to my Aromatique Scented Candle Review:I'd heard the name Aromatique candles mentioned now and then, and I'd been curious...
By Christina Rylan Brand: Scentchips Blend. Create. Experience   Introduction to my Guest Curator Adventure with Scentchips:Calling all scented melt lovers!! Boy do I have a company to share with you. I received an email a few weeks ago from a marketing rep...