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Candle News

We bring you some of the latest candle news, press releases, and other industry-related information. We also use this category to announce some important Candlefind information and give opinion pieces on various types of candles.

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We also cover some of the hottest sales, giving our recommendations for where to spend your hard earned dollars.

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If you’re interested in updates on new fragrances and scented products, be sure to join us over on Candle Scoop (launching September 2020).

We review all the current pumpkin scented candles from Bath & Body Works.

Sitewide Updates

As Candlefind continues its transformation, we have run into some hiccups along the way. Read more about the status of our site, review board, and forum, as well as other changes to come.
We're proud to announce our upcoming plans for our first ever Candlefind Holiday Gift Boxes! These boxes will be filled with curated content - items we know and love, brought straight to your front doorstep!We are only including products...
Today only, take an extra 20% off with this Goose Creek Candles' coupon code: 0919.
Save 15% off at Red Flower with the coupon code lazy summer. Ends this Labor Day weekend, 9/02/19.