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We have so many candle lists, it will make your wax warmer spin! Discover the best scented candles, the best lemon candles, the best jellybean scented candles, and more! Our lists serve both as entertainment and as shopping guides – your choice!

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We are on a personal mission to help encourage everyone to #buymorecandles. Any celebration is a reason for candles – take our word for it! Let us be your guide even during some of the most thinly veiled reasons to light up a candle.

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Christmas is right around the corner, and that means trees, trees, and more trees. While we all can't have the joy of a live Christmas tree, we can all enjoy the wonderful scent of one by using candles. Since...
Candles make the perfect centerpieces to a Thanksgiving table or any table in your home for that matter. Here are 5 Thanksgiving candles perfect for a Thanksgiving setting.  Harvest Pumpkin Candle from Circle E CandlesNothing brings in Fall or Thanksgiving like...
I was at an outdoor evening party a few weeks ago with plenty of mosquitoes and gnats to incessantly drive you insane.The hosts (to my delight) had Gold Canyon Citronella candles placed on all the tables outside and every...
12 Great and Best Fall Scented CandlesFor a candle lover, Fall is one of the best and favorite seasons to burn candles. Hot weather is officially behind us with cool and crisp air on the horizon. With cooler weather...
Are you a candle lover on a budget and searching for cheap candles? Not words we ever want to hear. Good news... you can still find some great quality scented candles with inexpensive price tags.Here are 8 candle companies...