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We have so many candle lists, it will make your wax warmer spin! Discover the best scented candles, the best lemon candles, the best jellybean scented candles, and more! Our lists serve both as entertainment and as shopping guides – your choice!

Our Most Popular Candle Lists:

Best Floral Scented Candles

Best Candles of 2019

10 Yankee Large Jar Candles That Don’t Actually Suck

Looking for a shopping guide? We know our candles…our experts recommend some of the best candles for gifting, depending on the occasion. Don’t miss some of our best:

Candlefind Shopping Guides

Candlefind’s Stay At Home Candle Shopping Guide

Mother’s Day Candle e-Shopping Guide: Know the ins & outs of those egift certificates

Best Valentine’s Day Candles 2020 

We are on a personal mission to help encourage everyone to #buymorecandles. Any celebration is a reason for candles – take our word for it! Let us be your guide even during some of the most thinly veiled reasons to light up a candle.

Candle Lists for Unusual Holidays

Candles for World Bartender Appreciation Day

Best Candles for National Jellybean Day

Celebrate Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day With These Candles


It's here! Our mega 2019 ULTIMATE Holiday Candle Gift Guide! Shop for every one on your list with 56 handpicked suggestions from the editors of Candlefind.
It's Arbor Day 2020! In celebration (and keeping with our #buymorecandles mission), we list out our picks for the best tree scented candles on the market.
Click your heels three times and hope to find one of these Top 10 Best Luxury Candles under your Christmas tree, then squeal with scented delight!
Scented Candles perfect for St. Patricks DayRight after Valentine's Day, we start getting inquiries on who makes the best St. Patrick's Day candles - so we decided to put a list together on candle companies that offer St. Patrick's...
Can a candle look so stunning you don't even want to light it? Here's our list of beautiful candles that smell just as gorgeous as they look.