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Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works candles are fast becoming one of the leading companies on the market for scented candles. Their scents are world wide, authentic and burn terrific!! Clearly their slogan for “The world’s best candles” is very accurate. These candles are awesome!!

Bath & Body Works carries their own brand, White Barn Candles and Slatkin & Co candles which are found exclusively in Bath & Body Works stores. This is the official page for Bath & Body Works reviews we post here on Candlefind.

Bath & Body Works Candle Reviews

First Impressions of Coastal Morning Candle I don’t know why but I had this preconceived notion Coastal Morning would be an ozone kind of aroma. Ozone is not exactly my favorite but I do love the brand White Barn so...
First Impressions of My Flamingo Beach Candle I don’t think anyone does tropical quite like Bath & Body Works – – summer scents I always look forward to each year. With that said, I was a little skeptical about Flamingo Beach with...
First Impressions of My Pink Petal Tea Cake Candle I was scratching my head at why on earth I purchased Pink Petal Tea Cake to review. It has rose in it, the single floral on this planet I absolutely cannot...
First Impressions of My Hot Fudge Sundae Candle Any time I am in a Bath & Body Works store, I have to smell every candle that appeals to me and Hot Fudge Sundae was a must smell. MUST!! I’m a bakery girl...
  Key Lime Pie Bath & Body Works Candle Review By Christina Rylan Brand: Bath & Body Works Type: 14.5oz large 3 wick candle Fragrance: Key Lime Pie Scent Strength: Strong     First impression of Key Lime Pie:  Citrus and bakery all wrapped up into one yummy scent....

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