Candy Corn Halloween Candle – Yankee Candle

by Christina RylanYankee Candle Candy Corn Candle

Brand: Yankee Candle

Type: 14.5oz Medium jar

Fragrance: Candy Corn

Cost: $24.99

Scent Strength: Light

Introduction to my Candy Corn Halloween scented candle from Yankee:

Yankee Candles offers some of the cutest Halloween themed candles around and that’s not even including their super cool “Boney Bunch” collection of candle accessories just for Halloween. SOOOOOOO freaking cute!! I want it all but really, how many Halloween candles and accessories can a person decorate with?

Candy Corn is a classic Halloween treat and a fun scent to burn, especially this time of year. The Halloween design on this candle made it all the more alluring to purchase and in my cart it went….

yankee candle candy corn scented candle review
What did my Candy Corn candle look like?

This candle is adorable and another perfect choice for Halloween!! The glass and lid was a pumpkin orange with black silhouettes of kids dressed in various Halloween costumes wrapped all the way around the candle. Bats were flying above and cats prancing below. Very very cute! The wax color was orange and the candle had 1 wick perfectly centered.

What did my Candy Corn candle smell like?

The candle itself was adorable with the black silhouettes of costumed trick-r-treaters… I almost didn’t want to burn it and just display it instead but my desire to review it for Candlefind won out.

Scent description from Yankee’s site:

“The familiar, sweet scent of candy corn is a fond reminder of childhood Halloween fun. Those Yankee Candle - Candy corn scented candle reviewtriangular shapes of orange, yellow and white have satisfied the sweet tooth of generations of trick-or-treaters with its creamy vanilla taste. That sweet vanilla fragrance is captured affectionately in this richly colored candle.”

Initial sniff… I wasn’t sure what I thought. It smelled sweet but not what I imagined candy corn to smell like. It didn’t smell bad… it just didn’t wow me like other candy corn scents I’ve tried. Plugging along… I lit my candle in my “review room” and let it go….

… I came back about 40 minutes later to a super light (almost non-existent) scent of – I still don’t know what. It didn’t smell anything like candy corn to me. It lacked that yummy vanilla sweetness and had no sugary goodness. It really hardly smelled like anything. I ended up moving the candle to a smaller bathroom but the scent was still really light.

In the end, I was really disappointed with this candle. Other than how cute it was, it was a flop and not even worth what I paid for it on sale. Total bummer!!

How did my Candy Corn candle burn?

My candle burned fine. Super slow burn, no wasted wax.

Overall opinion of my Candy Corn experience from Yankee Candle:

Super cute Halloween candle, but no scent throw whatsoever. Total bummer! What I could smell was too light to distinguish. It wasn’t an authentic candy corn scent to me.

So unless you want to buy this candle for its sheer Halloween cuteness… this isn’t a candle I would recommend.

Happy Halloween!

~ Christina

Visit Yankee Candleclosing to my review

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 2/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 1/5

Overall Rating: 2/5

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