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Candle ListsCandles That Smell (& Sometimes Look) Like Dessert

Candles That Smell (& Sometimes Look) Like Dessert

Our review round up of some of the most delicious smelling candles on the market.

Candles That Smell (& Sometimes Look) Like Dessert

Bakery scented candles and candles that smell like dessert are our first loves here at Candlefind. It becomes quite apparent when you read our reviews, especially in the very early days of this site. As we’ve all grown since then (read: aged), our tastes have refined and we enjoy a wider variety of scent families. Still, dessert candles are still number one on our list. It’s hard to resist the comforting smell of freshly baked cookies or the mouthwatering scent of a vanilla pound cake. Who could resist? Here we’ve rounded up some of our best reviews for candles that smell like dessert for your reading pleasure!

Candles That Smell Like Cake

Probably our favorite dessert scented candles are cake scented candles. Whether it’s the deliciously spicy Carrot Cake from Josephine & Joy or the light, lemony sweetness of Lemon Cake Pop from Bath & Body Works, we simply love cake scented candles.

The important notes that really make for great cake scented candles are the batter or buttery notes. If there is an added element of sweet frosting, that is often considered a welcome treat. Some cake scented candles are heavier on the cake than the frosting and others vice versa. It’s often a good idea to check the reviews to see which way a particular scent might lean, if that’s important to you.

Chocolate cake scented candles can be hard to get right. We find that chocolate sometimes has a burnt smell to it if burned too long. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best chocolate cake scented candles to help steer you in the right direction.

Vanilla cake scents are fairly common and seemingly delicious from a number of different companies, both with and without frosting! Take Vanilla Cupcake from Chesapeake Bay or that from Colonial Candle. Both are yum-licious!

Candles That Smell Like Cake

Other cake scented candle reviews we’ve written include:

Candles That Smell Like Pie

Pie scented candles can make your home smell delicious. Some of these dessert candles smell more like the buttery crust, while others focus on the pie filling or toppings. The best of them, we think, are those that balance all those scents well. We’ve rounded up our overall favorite 5 Best Pie Scented Candles for starters.

Candlefind Candles That Smell Like Pie

We’ve also covered many other pie candles on our site before, including:

Candles That Smell Like Cookies

Real estate agents know one of the best things they can do is have a home smell like freshly baked cookies during an open house. It’s comforting and makes you feel as if you’re ready to snuggle up at home. That may be one of the reasons that candles that smell like cookies are so incredibly popular…certainly one of our favorites! If sugar cookies are your favorite, look no further than Best Sugar Cookie Scented Candles. We’re a bit partial to chocolate chip cookies, with our favorites found here: Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Candles.

There is absolutely no shortage of cookie scented candles on the market, and we’re on a mission to try most of them!

Candles That Smell Like Cookies

You can check out many of these reviews here:

More Candles That Smell Like Desserts

There are soooo many more candles and wax melts that fall into this category…we’ve only scratched the surface! From Candles That Smell Like Candy, to donut candles, and other after dinner treats.

More Candles That Smell Like Desserts

Candles That Look Like Desserts

Finally, many of the dessert candles not only smell like sweet treats, they look like them, too! Take this Banana Cream Pie from Candlelit Desserts. It looks so incredibly real! We can only imagine the smells once this beauty is lit.

Banana Cream Pie Candlelit Desserts
Photo credit: Candlelit Desserts

We’ve included the Sugar Cookie wax melts from Lovy’s World in our candle subscription boxes in the past. These wax melts look exactly like a frosted sugar cookie, and they smell divine!

Lovy's World Sugar Cookie Wax Melt
Photo credit: Lovy’s World

And we can’t forget the donut shaped candles from S-Scents Handcrafted…yummy!

S-Scents Handcrafted Donut Wax Melts
Photo credit: S-Scents Handcrafted

Do you have a favorite candle that smells like dessert? Let us know below.

Happy candle shopping!

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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