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Candlefind Subscription Box Service Application

We are excited about the launch of this service and we are planning on getting started with a bang!

Our monthly boxes are primarily samplers, with multiple sample products from a number of different companies. We will feature one full-sized product in each box, for which we will feature that company during the month with some special perks.

We have created this informational page for you to learn more about our boxes, as well as an application below if you would like to participate.

  • June 2020: Set It Off. We are looking for products that revolve around the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Products can be included based on color scheme (red/white/blue) or based on scent name.
  • July 2020: Pool Party. It’s time to get the summer party started! We are looking for products that remind customers of summer fun. Items can be included based on fun shapes, scent names, or scent descriptions.
  • August 2020: Hygge Me. This month’s box will be all about comfort and coziness. Products can be included based on concept, scent name, or scent description.
  • September 2020: Soy Glad It’s September. Candle and melt products included in this box must be 100% soy. Other types of products will be accepted for this box.
  • October 2020: We Goth This. With Halloween around the corner, we want your darkest and spookiest creations. Products can be included based on scent name, shape, or color scheme (primarily black).
  • November 2020: Creatively Thankful. Have something particularly creative? Products can be included based on creativity with scent names, scent blends, or with the product itself.
  • December 2020: All That Glitters. This month’s box will be loud and proud. We are looking for something festive, colorful, and/or sparkly. Products will be included based on presentation (looks) alone.
Candlefind Candle Burning Picture
Candle Quote by Rainbow Harvest
I am a candle in a world full of flashlights.
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Quote by Kurt Cobain
Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.
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Do your own thing on your
own terms.
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Our boxes are primarily samplers and will include samples of products from a wide variety of vendors. In addition, each box will contain one full-sized item. That item will vary by month and will be in keeping with the month’s theme. If you would like to have a full-sized product included, please contact us and let us know. We are featuring only 1-2 companies each month, so those spots will fill up quickly.

In addition, each box includes a Candlefind Box Guide that lists each company represented in the box, along with a description of the products included. Subscribers will have access to the subscription-based website Candle Scoop (currently under construction), which will include daily doses of sales, press releases, exclusive giveaways, and more.

By participating in our subscription box service, you will be getting your product in front of several potential life-long customers. You will gain a lot of FREE advertising just from your participation! Perks include:

  • Free listing in the Candlefind Box Guide. 
  • Free listing on the Candle Scoop Monthly Box Participants page, including do-follow links. 
  • Free 1-month upgrade in the Candlefind Company Directory. (Offer good one time only.) 
  • Free monthly subscription to Candle Scoop. (One free month for each month that you participate.)
  • Free social media promotion. 
  • If submitting a full-sized product, additional perks include:
    • Featured position in the boxes
    • Featured position in the Candlefind Box Guide
    • Featured position on the Candle Scoop Monthly Box Participants page (including do-follow links)
    • At least one featured review on Candle Scoop and Candlefind, including do-follow links
    • An additional free 1-month upgrade in the Candlefind Company Directory. (Offer good one time only.)
  1. Decide on which month(s) you might like to participate.
  2. Complete the application below for review. Some important things to note when completing the application:
    1. We have a 20 sample minimum in order to participate.
    2. ALL companies that are included in our boxes are curated. This means, we must have performed a favorable review of your company before or a member of our team is already a personal customer. If neither is the case, you must be willing to submit a sample to us for consideration prior to us accepting you into the program.
    3. Sample sizes are up to you, but we recommend items ranging from 2-4 ounces. All samples must be individually wrapped and identified with the company name at the bare minimum. We will be including further details about the sample in the Candlefind Box Guide.
    4. For this year, we will be selling a maximum number of 40 boxes each month. You are able to send anywhere from 20-40 samples to be included.
    5. If you are wanting to include a full-sized product, your company will be the Featured Company for the month. We will have 1-2 Featured Companies each month, with only one full-sized product going into each box. You can submit 20 full-sized products (to be one of two Featured Companies) or you can opt to send in 40 full-sized products to be included in all the boxes (which means your company would be the only Featured Company that month). Full-sized products vary in size, but must be 5 ounces or larger to be considered.
    6. Samples must be received at our office no later than the 15th of the month prior to your participation. For example, if you are including samples for the June box, we must have your samples in our office no later than May 15th. We start pre-packing all boxes on the 20th of each month, so we are unable to extend this deadline.
    7. We create a ‘Peek In The Box’ graphic for our social media platforms. We request one high-quality photo (352 x 300 px) for this feature.
    8. Please factor in time for us to personally sample your product when considering which month(s) you want to participate. We estimate an additional 3 weeks for us to test your product. We do NOT have to test the exact product you want to include – we simply must test one or more of your regular products to make sure that we feel good about including your company in our boxes.
    9. If you are unable to submit samples for the boxes, be aware we will also have a number of advertising options available. Contact us to let us know your interest and we will get you further details!

If interested in joining us, please complete this application for consideration. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you have read the above specifics about the program and want to proceed. We have limited spots and limited boxes, so please be sure to give us your best pitch! If you are interested in being Featured for a particular month, be sure to apply as soon as possible, as we consider all applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thankyou for your interest. Once you submit your application, someone will review it and we will be back in touch within 48 hours. Thanks!

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