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I am a candle in a world full of flashlights.
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Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.
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Do your own thing on your
own terms.
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Battery Operated Candles


Our True Flicker® Battery Operated Candles and Tea Lights capture the elegance of wax candles in a flameless, everlasting battery candle.

  • 105

Destinations Scented Candles


Destinations Scented Candles offers clean burning 100% Palm wax scented candles all inspired by popular travel destinations all handmade in Maryland

  • 71

Archipelago Botanicals

The Art of Living Well

  • 2440 E. 38th Street | Los Angeles, CA

At Archipelago we create products that bring luxury and comfort to your home while helping you relax from your busy schedule. We draw inspiration from numerous botanicals and use care in our selection of premium ingredients. Our candles and reed diffusers are available in an array of enticing fragrances derived from essential oils and that’s only part of the story: our gentle bath and skin care formulations are loaded with powerful antioxidants to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy and vibrant.

  • 163

Yves Rocher


Yves Rocher offers an impressive selection of botanical beauty products: skin care, makeup, body care, fragrances, hair care, bath and shower products and more...

  • 132

Mama Llama Candles

  • Cincinnati, OH

We are a premium candle company based in Cincinnati, OH. We offer hand poured, highly fragrant candles, with a wide assortment of color, and fragrance to match any decor, and preference.

  • 340

Excelsior Candle Company

Love At First Light


Every Excelsior Candle Co. is handcrafted in St Paul, Minnesota and features a premium blend of renewable soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and your choice of can’t-find-’em-anywhere-else fragrances.

  • 109

Candleberry Candles


The home of the original, and only, Hot Maple Toddy® scented candle, and Kentucky Bourbon® scented candle. Trademarks of The Candleberry Co.

  • 124

Albisa Candles

  • PO Box 40256, Downey, CA

Let Albisa Candles be your personal candle makers. We specialize in hand poured RICHLY scented candles and can customize your candle with any color and fragrance! 

  • 262

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