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Scents of Soy

Scents Of Soy Candle Company


Since 2011, Scents of Soy has created the best smelling home fragrance products in Texas. Located just outside of Houston in the small town of Dayton, you will find our store and manufacturing facility where we create high quality natural products to be enjoyed by all. With guiding principles such as love, trust, respect and a focus on our community and environmental friendliness, we have built a business with purpose. We hope with your support we can continue to change lives through fragrance.

otherland-candles (2)


  • 20 Jay Street Unit 302, Brooklyn, New York

Otherland transforms your home into an immersive world that never stands still.


Great Bear Wax Company

  • Birmingham, Alabama

Great Bear Wax Co. creates candles inspired by the great outdoors and the company of good friends.