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Get lost in the scent and Melte away.


Hand Lettered Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs, Candles, and more!


Everything you will every melt in your home, is melted in ours. And this is why we will always strive to provide you with top-shelf scents that will have all your guests walking into your house saying "mmmm."


We make Candles for Sophisticated Southern Ladies and Gentlemen. We strive to foster a sense of community, southern hospitality, and the comfort of home.


Coconut-soy wax candles hand-poured in California.

Naked Wick Candles

100% soy wax candles hand poured in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sun Scent Candle Company wax melts and candles

100% soy wax candle company. We have candles and wax melts.

Green Papaya Candles set of three

Founded by a biochemist with a passion for natural candles, Green Papaya only makes candles from 100% high quality soy wax sourced from American soybeans. Each candle is infused with phthalate-free oils for safe use every day.


Satin Suzie Scents sells highly scented wax melts to add comforting fragrances to your home.


Villainous Wax makes wax melts & body products inspired by fandoms, pop culture, and all things spooky!


Light Aroma Bliss. Modern candles for your home.


The world is full of toxins, but we don’t think they should be in your candles! Beeswax * coconut oil * wood wick * Essential oils. Nothing nasty

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