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barn candle company

Barn Candle Company

Fragrances that engage your senses


Hand Poured Candles, Highly fragrant, Colorful, Soy blend candles, Barn Bricks (wax melts), Room Sprays, Diffuser, 50% profit on Fundraisers

otherland-candles (2)


  • 20 Jay Street Unit 302, Brooklyn, New York

Otherland transforms your home into an immersive world that never stands still.

Candle Escape Listing

Candle Escape

No One Can Hold a Candle to our Soy Candles!


Candle Escape is a soy candle company that makes a variety of highly fragrant, 100% soy candles and wax melts. They use cotton, lead-free wicks, with natural soybean wax that is processed from soybeans grown in the US.