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Bella Auset is a collection of scented Candles (100% soy candles), all fragranced with essential oils and each adorned with a message of joy, hope, faith and love.

Noure Essentials Candles

The Modern Aesthetic. Designed by the hands of a black woman.When you think of Noure Essentials, think of us as... not only candles but more so as art. Art that is modern, comforting, sleek and edgy in any space at any given time. We firmly believe in the beauty of crafting your own atmosphere that is free of stress and full of love and comfort.

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Luxury Candles, Hip Hop Wall Tapestries, All Handmade, Woman Owned


Seven Sisters Candles is a Native American, Woman owned family business with a cause. A percentage of all sales every month are donated to a chosen organization that supports women and families that have been touched by crime.

The Salcombe Candle Co.

Soy wax candles hand poured in Salcombe with the highest quality fragrances and cotton wicks. Vegan friendly and cruelty-free

Kreative Candle Co.

Kreative Candle Co. is a faith-based company delivering phenomenal Candles within the United States. Our products are hand poured in- house with paraffin wax and utilize top quality ingredients.


Eco friendly, clean burning candles made without preservatives dyes or phthalates.


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Selling 3oz, 8oz, & 10oz Candles and Wax melts

Here For The Burn

Trish and Josh are friends. They like to drink wine and dream up ideas. One day they came up with the idea that married their passion for high end scented candles and Internet memes. We hope you enjoy the burn as much as we do!


100% ALL NATURAL SOY WAX Happy Wax is proudly paraffin, paraben, and phthalate-free. In addition to being made with 100% all natural soy wax, our scented wax melts are infused with essential oils.

Velas Candelas

A candle company based in Marion, IA that specializes in hand pouring candles with AMAZING scents with locally made soy wax.

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