Best Candles & Wax Melts 2019 by Candlefind

Welcome to our first annual Best Of list, straight from the editors here at Candlefind. We have dusted off our sniffers and poured through our notes to bring you this list of our thoughts on the best candles of 2019.

While perusing this list, a few things to keep in mind:

  • The views expressed here are our own personal opinions. As everyone is different, your mileage may vary. However, we go through hundreds of candles and wax melts year in and year out, so we are offering up our recommendations based on our extensive experience.
  • We have not been able to test out every single company or every single scent on the market. While we wish we could, it’s just not humanly possible! So if one of your favorites is missing from this list, do tell! Maybe we just haven’t had the chance to try them out yet.

Best Soy Candles

Soy candles are all the rage lately and for good reason. We love the nice, clean burns and the long-lasting joy they often bring. We’ve burned through quite a few soy candles this year, but here are our current recommendations for the best soy candles: 

Best Soy Candles 2019

  1. Candle Escape: This company receives top honors for clean burning candles that last a long time and smell fantastic. We have yet to be disappointed. Read our reviews of Bamboo & Coconut, Clean Cotton, and Rainy Nights
  2. Lulu Candles. These candles are refreshing to burn. They are clean, fragrant, and best of all…affordable! They are highly rated on Amazon for a reason.
  3. Pure Integrity. We’ve had a longstanding love affair with the candles from Pure Integrity. They offer top notch quality and a wide array of scents. Read our review of Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla
  4. Gold Hill Candle Company. Maybe it’s the wooden wick or maybe it’s the fact that this is one of Oprah’s favorite candle brands (or maybe it’s both), but we love these long-lasting candles with the crackling wicks.
  5. P.F. Candle Co. These assuming candles offer up some of the cleanest burns we’ve ever seen. The scents are not overpowering, but they are divine. 
  6. BURN Candle Company. Since we first tried BURN Candles, they’ve undergone some changes and we think it’s all for the better. These 100% soy wax candles are some of the best on the market. 

Best Luxury Candles

It’s no secret we love indulging in some luxurious scented goods every now and then. We may have tried a few and here’s our opinion on which ones are worth your hard earned money: 

Best Luxury Candles 2019


  1. Baobab. These monstrous sized candles are ah-mazing. Not only do they burn a long time (making your money go just that much farther), but they also provide some complex, fascinating fragrances. We’re in love!
  2. Diptyque. How can these candles not be on the best of the best of any list? We’re not one to buck any system. And besides, these candles are great. 
  3. Boy Smells. Whether you’re into the whole Instagram sensation or not, these candles rock. They are fun, affordable, and just plain smell good. 
  4. NEST Fragrances. These iconic candles are the embodiment of luxury. The vessels are have an understated beauty that double as functional showpieces once the wax is all gone. We are swooning over the Holiday scent. 
  5. Otherland. This is another new-to-us candle brand that caused use to fall head over heels in love. Clever packaging and ooh-la-la scents are just the tip of the iceberg here. 
  6. Voluspa. We’ve been burning candles a long, long time and Voluspa has remained one of luxurious staples for years. For good reason. They offer a wide array of beautiful vessels and the candles themselves are top notch. An affordable luxury for all. 

Best Inexpensive Candles

Don’t sleep on candles without a hefty price tag. Remember – inexpensive candles don’t have to be cheap candles (as far as quality and performance). Here are our favorite budget-friendly candles currently on the market. 

best inexpensive candles

  1. Chesapeake Bay. These candles are relatively inexpensive. And they’re good. Clean burns and scents that are pleasing but not overpowering. 
  2. Aldi Candles. Move over Jo Malone, there’s a new candle on the block. These candles are fantastic and way, way cheaper. 
  3. Candlemart. Talk about affordable. There are so many options to choose from here, you can go buck wild. Good thing, too, because the prices are so reasonable. We’ve yet to find another like their Sugared Pear luxury candle, which is super affordable based on the size. 
  4. La Jolie Muse. For candles that won’t break the bank, shop La Jolie Muse candles. They have a wide variety of styles and just enough scent choices to not get lost in the fray. We think these candles are well worth the little money spent. 
  5. Better Homes & Gardens. These candles at won’t set you back too much and they’re pretty well made. You can find these reasonably priced candles at Walmart and on Amazon.
  6. World Market. Think these cheap candles can’t be good? Think again. We’ve burned several of the styles (the pillars are our favorites), and we continue to be impressed with the quality. 

Best Wax Melts

We will admit – this category was super hard to nail down, as there are so many great options out there these days. We decided to include companies that were still in operation and weren’t too hard to sneak in an order or two or…

best wax nelts

  1. Sassy Girl Aroma. With constant restocks, it isn’t hard to get your hands on some of this wax. And it is phenomenal. 
  2. Spotted Hog Candles. If you’ve followed Candlefind for any length of time, you know this is one of our wax melt crushes. The bakery scents here are the best. 
  3. Candles From The Keeping Room. Scoring wax from here has become a little bit harder these days, but it’s still worth the attempt. We love the fun shapes and great scent choices. 
  4. Rosegirls Wax. The company may have changed hands, but the quality has not changed at all. There is no wonder why this company has a dedicated following. Count us among them. 
  5. Up North Creations. We are new to this company and so glad we tried them out in 2019. Super fast shipping and some of the best scent blends around. 
  6. Cleanse Your Soul. While they are known for their awesome sugar scrubs (trust us…they’re awesome), they also have a good variety of wax melts to try. Long lasting and great scent blends. Yum!

Best Scent List

We drool over scent lists all…the…time. So what scent lists are worthy of nighttime (and daytime) reading? We think these are some of the coolest. 

best scent list 2019

  1. Front Porch Candles. We love, love, love getting the newsletter annoucements from Front Porch. They are constantly adding new scent blends and they all sound fantastic. 
  2. Dessa’s Homespun Scents. Whether you’re on Page 1 or Page 2 of this glorious scent list, you’re sure to find something you love. The number of house blends is staggering. 
  3. The Candy Panda. So. Many. Scents. And man, do they sound good. We don’t know where to start or stop here!
  4. Tara’s Candle Cottage. The scent list here includes straight fragrance oils, house blends, and customer blends. Tara’s customers can get very creative, so it’s always fun to read through these offerings. 
  5. Cheryl’s Candles & Gifts. Holy scented candles, Batman! This company currently carries over 1900 scents in stock! We love the strength ratings that are included with many of the scents. 
  6. Sweet Fixations. We can’t stop pouring over the scent list here, with a ton of house blends to take in. Makes for some delicious night-time reading!

There you have it! Our thoughts of the best of the best for 2019. While we got a late start this year, we plan on making this an annual round-up with even more award categories next year.

Happy candle burning. Oh…and Happy New Year! 

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