Do you have a stubborn candle or candles that just won’t stay lit no matter what you do and cringe at the thought of throwing them away? It happens and more often than you think.

How to salvage a candle that won't stay lit

It’s almost impossible to fix a candle with faulty wicks. It’s sucks! All is not lost though…. here is an easy tip we do at Candlefind when we come across stubborn candles that smell too good to throw away. – – Dig out the wax with a spoon and melt it in a wax melter. You can use as much or as little wax as you want in either a tea light melter or or an electric melter. Easy peasy!

Here is a picture below of both styles of melters you can use.

Which style melter you choose is totally up to you… a ton of manufacturers carry melters from Yankee to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart to a endless array of online stores.

Keep in mind when attempting this… each candle manufacturer has different grades of wax they use in their candles so some may be harder to scoop out than others. If so – be careful! If that happens, try putting the candle out in the sun for a few hours… that may do the trick to soften it up before scooping out.

With this quick candle tip, you will get hours if not days of scent on a candle you thought you had to throw away.

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~ Christina



  1. Great tip on getting your money’s worth. I also like the idea of using a candle warming tray, that way you can just leave all the scented wax in its jar and just warm the jar lightly to set off its aroma.
    Thanks so much for this tip though. It could become very useful.